12 Awesome Things I’m Sweet On in October 2014

12 Awesome Things I'm Sweet On in October 2014

Let me start with this: A FREE eCookBook from The Best Dessert Recipes with one of my recipes in it:  Peach Pineapple Dump Cake!  Danielle, the editor over at The Best Dessert Recipes sent me an email the other day to tell me the eCookbook was now live.  I’m so thrilled that they included my […]

Vampire Repellent Dip

Pic 1 Vampire Repellent Dip

Vampire Repellent Dip is a garlic lover’s dream!  Plus, with the addition or orange bell pepper, it is orange for Halloween! In these photos, next to the orange tablecloth and the orange pumpkin-shaped tortilla chips, Vampire Repellent Dip looks yellow.  But, it is, truly, a lovely shade of orange!  And, if you are looking for […]

Nevermore: Decorating for Halloween

Nevermore Decorating for Halloween cover

I have this “thing” for crows.  Maybe it’s because (1) I’m not a farmer and don’t have crops and (2) because we have a flock that are regular visitors on our land.  In fact, here’s a photo of 3 of them on our bird bath chowing down on a block of bird seed: This is […]

Scaredy Cat Pie Crust Cookies

Pic 1 Scaredy Cat Pie Crust Cookies close-up

Scaredy Cat Pie Crust Cookies are an experiment gone array!  Inspired by two of my most pinned recipes, Sweetheart Pie Crust Cookies and Firecracker Pie Crust Stars, I set out to create pie crust cookies for Halloween.  Looking through my collection of cookie cutters and being a lover of all things “cat”, my choice was clear […]

The Halloween Dance

The Halloween Dance

A poem to mark the beginning of Halloween week:   The Halloween Dance As ghouls, goblins and ghosts fain devilish delight A skeleton dances with a witch ’round a fire burning bright. Beware, take heed, look around and think twice Disrupting this dance could exact an unfathomable price! One night a year the spirits and […]

Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls: 42 Frighteningly Unearthly Creatures That Haunt Halloween

Ghosts Goblins and Ghouls - 42 Creatures Halloween cover

I made a Halloween Word Scramble game for you, my sweet peeps!  I’ve never made a word scramble before and thought I’d give it a whirl for Halloween.  But, even though Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls: 42 Frighteningly Unearthly Creatures That Haunt Halloween is fun, it’s a tad bit difficult.  Since it took my husband, Charlie, awhile […]

Salted Caramel Candy Corn Pretzel Crack

Salted Caramel Candy Corn Pretzel Crack close-up

Salted Caramel Candy Corn Pretzel Crack is inspired by a recipe from Trisha Yearwood called Sweet and Saltines.  She makes an easy candy using saltine crackers, homemade caramel and melted chocolate.  I set out to make a similar recipe, using white chocolate chips and pretzels instead, and as happens (often) with me, my concoction went […]

Family Emergency Kit: are you Ready?

Family Emergency Kit are you Ready

Do you have a Family Emergency Kit?  Are you ready?  It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been posting monthly on this subject for 10 months now.  And, today is the 7th anniversary of the loss of our home in the 2007 California wildfire, known as the Witch Fire. Seven years ago today, we learned from a […]

Fright Night Mini Pizzas

Fright Night Mini Pizzas Pic 1

I’m all about using leftovers in creative ways.  And, although you can buy the ingredients to make Fright Night Mini Pizzas, I didn’t buy a thing!  I had all these ingredients already, in one fashion or another, and in the spirit of Halloween decided to create something fun for dinner! I used leftover meat sauce […]

Halloween Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pops

Halloween Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pops cover

Don’t you just love a deal?  These Halloween Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pops were a steal in my local grocery store.  I found them in the floral section, in a vase very similar to this one in the photo, marked down 50% because it’s so close to Halloween! They are really large (about 4 inches tall […]

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