Bacon Jalapeno Chutney Cream Cheese Balls

Bacon Jalapeno Chutney Cream Cheese Balls cover

I’ve had this obsession with Bacon Jalapeno Chutney ever since I made it the first time a few months ago.  The salty bits of bacon, mixed with the sweetness from the caramelized onions kicked up a notch with the ever so slight bit of heat from the fresh jalapeno peppers – a combination that satisfies […]

11 Things I’ve Learned in 2 Years of Blogging

11 Things I've Learned in 2 Years of Blogging cover - baby duckling

Today is my blog-o-versary.  On July 28, 2012, I pushed the “publish” button on my very first post, A Boy Named Coco. With this post today, 11 Things I’ve Learned in 2 Years of Blogging, I written 604 posts and over 500,000 words.  Even I can’t believe that I’ve been so wordy {grin}. According to […]

42 Things in Your Master Bedroom Closet and Drawers

42 Things in Your Master Closet and Drawers cover

Okay, so here’s a funny story: A few days after we moved into our new home 5 years ago, I was unpacking my clothes and hanging them up in the master closet.  I didn’t have a lot of clothes (yet) because we lived in a small, downtown condo while our new home was being built […]

Berrylicious Ice Box Cheesecake

Berrylicious Ice Box Cheesecake

When I was a little girl (in the 1960′s), my mom used to mix vanilla ice cream with blackberry jam.  I thought she was an absolute genius and I loved to eat ice cream this way…letting the ice cream melt to soft-serve consistency, dolloping blackberry jam by the spoonful and twirling it around the bowl with […]

Smoke Alarms: are you Ready? {Sponsored Post}

Smoke Alarms are you Ready cover

This post is brought to you by Kidde Fire Safety and I was compensated to write this post. However, all opinions are my own. Often in our “toot sweet” lives, we do something proactive and then forget about it, assuming whatever proactive thing we have done is done.  Once and done. We set up our […]

Easy Luau Bites

Easy Luau Bites - Pic 3

With summer grilling season underway, Easy Luau Bites are an easy-to-make appetizer for your next party that’s impressive.  Combining two party favorites – bacon and shrimp - Easy Luau Bites bring the flavors of summer to your party without having to grill outdoors! And, with pre-planning, Easy Luau Bites are a simple party appetizer that can be made ahead […]

Ant Bait

Adam Ant quote - Ant Bait cover

“I really knew I wanted to be Adam, because Adam was the first man.  Ant I chose because, if there’s a nuclear explosion, the ants will survive.” – Adam Ant Are you a bit curious about the photo above?  Here’s the story: We live in a rural environment on 8 acres.  8 acres of mostly […]

42 Things in Your Master Bedroom

42 Things in Your Master Bedroom cover

Welcome to 42 Things in Your Master Bedroom – another list of household inventory items.  For those of you new to my blog, I create lists of 42 (mainly household inventory items) in an attempt to work on my own household inventory.  In 2007, we lost our home to a wildfire (you can read about […]

Blue Jack Turkey Sliders with Bacon Jalapeno Chutney

Blue Jack Turkey Sliders with Bacon Jalapeno Chutney - Pic 1

Can I tell you how delicious Blue Jack Turkey Sliders with Bacon Jalapeno Chutney are? Every mouthful is a delectable, juicy mess with a Bacon Jalapeno Chutney center topped with the pungent bite of the blue marble jack cheese and caramelized onions. What’s not to love {grin}? My local grocery store carries a sliced blue marble […]

LGarden: A Soulful Birthday Surprise

LGarden sign

Note:  this is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share this product with readers! Charlie (my husband) and I spend a lot of time together.  I work from home and he’s retired, so it’s not unusual that we are together 24/7 for a few days in a row.  Now mind you we aren’t […]

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