Family Emergency Kit: are you Ready?

Family Emergency Kit are you Ready

Do you have a Family Emergency Kit?  Are you ready?  It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been posting monthly on this subject for 10 months now.  And, today is the 7th anniversary of the loss of our home in the 2007 California wildfire, known as the Witch Fire. Seven years ago today, we learned from a […]

Fright Night Mini Pizzas

Fright Night Mini Pizzas Pic 1

I’m all about using leftovers in creative ways.  And, although you can buy the ingredients to make Fright Night Mini Pizzas, I didn’t buy a thing!  I had all these ingredients already, in one fashion or another, and in the spirit of Halloween decided to create something fun for dinner! I used leftover meat sauce […]

Halloween Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pops

Halloween Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pops cover

Don’t you just love a deal?  These Halloween Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pops were a steal in my local grocery store.  I found them in the floral section, in a vase very similar to this one in the photo, marked down 50% because it’s so close to Halloween! They are really large (about 4 inches tall […]

42 Types of Baby and Toddler Toys in Your Home

42 Types of Baby and Toddler Toys in Your Home

42 Types of Baby and Toddler Toys in Your Home is the fourth and final edition of this mini-series about the stuff we acquire when we have a baby!  If you missed any of the other posts, now’s your time to catch-up: 42 Things in Your Baby’s Nursery 42 Baby Supplies and Equipment in Your […]

Spooktacular Halloween Party Mix

Spooktacular Halloween Party Mix Pic 1

Spooktacular Halloween Party Mix couldn’t be easier.  You just dump a bunch of stuff in a bowl, mix it together with a large spoon or spatula and, voila’, you are done!  A quick and easy snacking mix, perfect for a Halloween party. It’s a great way to combine extra leftover Halloween candies with a few more nutritional […]

Zombie Apocalypse: Fun Halloween Photo Editing Themes in PicMonkey

Zombie Apocalypse cover

I love PicMonkey!  I’ve used it for my photo editing for about 2 years now, and even though I consider myself somewhat of a PicMonkey expert, I’m always discovering new ways to use it. Zombie Apocalypse:  Fun Halloween Photo Editing Themes in PicMonkey shares several of PicMonkey’s “themes” with readers and shows readers how easy […]

Ghosts in the Clouds

Ghosts in the Clouds - Pic 1

Don’t you just love Peeps?  These ghost Peeps are so cute that I just had to find a way to use them.  Thus, my Ghosts in the Clouds recipe was born! This recipe couldn’t be easier – just pre-made mini graham cracker pie crusts, instant pudding, Cool Whip and, of course, a Ghost Peep!  Voila’ […]

Mr. Grill

Mr. Grill cover

Many weeks ago, the representatives over at Mr. Grill reached out to me and asked me to review their new product, the 18-inch grill cleaning brush.  Here’s the problem:  we’d just had our barbecue grill professionally cleaned! Yes, there are service vendors out there that come to your home and clean your grill and this […]

42 Necessities in Your Baby’s Layette

42 Necessities in Your Baby's Layette

This list of 42 Necessities in Your Baby’s Layette is not a checklist for stocking a new baby’s nursery.  It can be used that way, but I don’t included “amounts.”  What I mean is that I don’t suggest new mother’s buy 7 sleep gowns, 10 pairs of socks, and 7 bodysuits.  Instead, I just list […]

Beefy Pumpkin Ghoulash

Beefy Pumpkin Ghoulash cover

In honor of children everywhere and the magic of Halloween, I’ve written a poem to read to your kids when you serve them Beefy Pumpkin Ghoulash. And, because Google bots can’t read text on photos, I’m repeating my poem (double dose of toil and trouble!):   As witches, vampires, ghosts and goblins gather on Halloween […]

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