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I am reminded that in life, you have to make your own kind of music.  Throughout life, we are met with challenges out of our control.  It’s how we deal with those challenges that develop our character, keep us grounded, help us to move past and go forward, cherish memories, but live in the present.

I wouldn’t say that I am “wise beyond my years,” because, heck, I’m old! {grin}.  But, as with most of us, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, each challenge building and molding my character, giving me strength I didn’t know I had to face any new challenge that comes my way.  Because new uncontrollable challenges will come…

A few years ago, I was extremely unhappy.  I’d had a cancer scare and for the 6 months that it took to diagnosis that I didn’t have cancer, I ran scared.  Scared that I’d run out of time.  Waking up from surgery, my husband greeted me with the news that the growth was benign.  To say we were overjoyed is an understatement.

But, then, I went home to recover from surgery.  Six weeks of ruminating that my life wasn’t to be cut short.   During that 6 weeks convalescence, I became angry and unhappy.  Unhappy with everything.  Unsatisfied that I’d wasted my life.  And, I wanted my husband to make it better.  In my mind, he was the key to my happiness.

He didn’t know how to handle this “new me.”  And, it was a difficult period of me seeking therapy and then both of us going to couples therapy.  I’m not knocking therapy, but neither really helped.

But, somehow, one day I woke up.  I remembered that we have to make our own kind of music and to rely on others to make it for us is setting us up for disappointment.  Because only you can feed that inner voice inside of you.  Only you can find your bliss.

Princess Sweetie Pie and Tiffany - Make Your Own Kind of Music

This is Princess Sweetie Pie telling her mother, Tiffany, that she is bored and she wants to go home.  These photos were taken last Christmas.  We had gathered on Christmas Day at the assisted living facility were my mother now lives.  We were in a semi-private area next to the dining room, which was a complete fluke because during holiday meals, the place is packed with visiting family.  This facility really knows how to put on a party, but I wouldn’t classify it as “kid-friendly” (no toys or playground).

Don’t get me wrong, the elderly residents love having young children around.  It breathes life into the place sending a palpable energy throughout with smiles lighting up the faces of the staff and elders that come in contact with these luminous beings – our little people.  Because, they remind us, in their immutable way, what life is about.  About finding our joy, making our own kind of music.

Tiffany told Princess Sweetie Pie that they were visiting with Grammy and  they weren’t going home.  Do you know what happened next?  This is what happened next:

Princess Sweetie Pie - dancing queen - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Princess Sweetie Pie started dancing!  There was no background music – no music piped through an intercom system.  Just the hum-drum noise of people talking, dishes clattering and the mechanical systems of a large building doing their thing.  But, Princess Sweetie Pie did her thing, to her own music.  Twirling and whirling, twisting and swaying to a music that only she heard.

Princess Sweetie Pie dancing - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Raising her arms high, she danced to her own kind of music.  And, you know what happened next?  This happened next:

Princess P joins Princess Sweetie Pie - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Her older sister, Princess P, jumped in!  Dancing to the beat of their own drum, giggling, laughing, swinging each other around and just having a great time – to the beat of the music in their heads.

Tiny Dancers - Princess Sweetie Pie and Princess P - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Princess P and Princess Sweetie Pie - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Until they were tuckered out, but happy.

Happy Princess P - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Princess Sweetie Pie - Make Your Own Kind of Music cover

Thanks, Princess Sweetie Pie, for reminding us all that we need to make our own kind of music.  Even if nobody else sings along.  Sometimes we forget…


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  1. Antionette Blake says

    She’s a beautiful baby girl and the memories you two are making are priceless. Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty.

    • Carole says

      Thanks so much, Mary. I loved compiling the photos because it reminded me of the day and inspired my writing of this post!

  2. Dawn says

    I loved this story; I love how you tied the two together. You are such a good story writer. I wish you would do more… I know, I know the recipes get pinned more. And I’m sure these stories take a bit longer to write. Love you

    • Carole says

      Actually, these stories are easier to write because they are what I “feel”. And, usually, they just flow; this one did. The recipes are harder for me because they require lots of thought and preparation, some failures (I’ve had 3 I’ve made recently that were not “blog-worthy”), food styling plus the photography. And, then trying to find an interesting way to write about the food is challenging for me. So, these stories are easier for me. But, you are right – the recipes are what drive our traffic!

  3. Anna says

    This post made me cry. It’s beautiful. Everything you wrote is so true. We have to decide to be happy. It is challenging some days but we have to take it a day at a time and cherish the moments like these beautiful girls dancing… And dance when we hear the music too. Love to you and Charlie


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