Sally Snowflake: 20 Things To Do With The Elf On The Shelf

Sally Snowflake cover

Sally Snowflake


This year is the third year that Sally Snowflake has made our home a little more magical during this holiday season.  Both the Princesses P are really enjoying her visit.  Sally Snowflake seems to have many adventures in our home and has two little girls making efforts to send Sally back to the North Pole with a good report to Santa each night.

Here are 20 things that Sally Snowflake has been caught doing in our home…

Sally Snowflake picture one

Meet Sally Snowflake, our Elf On The Shelf


Sally Snowflake picture two

Sally Snowflake even accompanied us on a road trip to Phoenix last year!



Sally Snowflake picture three

One of Sally’s favorite places that she frequents is the kitchen.


Sally Snowflake picture four

Sally Snowflake came down with a cold!


Sally came down with a cold she must have caught from Princess P; when she was feeling better, she had an appetite for chips and then had some shoes to fill!

Sally Snowflake picture five

Sally Snowflake


The month of December is always fun when our Elf on The Shelf visits!

Do you have an Elf On The Shelf in your home?  What are some of the fun things that you have caught your Elf doing?  Here are 42 ideas from Toot Sweet 4 Two that you can incorporate into your Elf On The Shelf tradition!


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